Cool Bakugan Costumes To Wear This Halloween

Halloween has become one of the most exciting events every year for the children because of the fun, scary, and animating costumes they get to wear. Among the costume choices they have are the Bakugan costumes, which they can don and wear and act like a brawler during the occasion. Bakugan is a popular toy merchandise, with an animated TV series that is just as entertaining as the game is. Now, aside from collecting Bakugan balls and cards and watching the recent season of the anime series, kids can also enjoy imitating their heroes as they wear the characters’ outfits during Halloween!

There are three Bakugan costumes out so far. The most popular one, and the first to be out on sale, is Dan’s outfit in season 1 of the animated series. Dan is one of the main characters of the series, and is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. His outfit consists of a red, yellow, and blue jumpsuit with a red jacket and blue fingerless gloves. It is a unique costume, and will surely make your child recognizable as the heroic brawler on TV. The Bakugan Dan costume is available in small, medium, and large sizes for children.

Another of the main characters in the animated series was also an inspiration for another costume. Shun is also a hotshot hero in the series and is popular among the kids. He is a great brawler and battles in the way of the ninja, which is also another interesting fact for the children. His outfit consists of a brown and gray jumpsuit, with a purple jacket, black fingerless gloves with a wrist band, and a fabric watch. This costume is also unique, even among the characters on TV, so your child will really stand out when he wears this.

The third Bakugan costume available is not that of a human character on TV, but of a Bakugan, one of the humongous monsters in the series. Dragonoid is the most powerful Bakugan, and the leader among them. He fights for peace and freedom with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, with Dan as his human partner. As the lead Bakugan character in the series, he is popular with Bakugan fans and is therefore a great catch as a costume. The costume consists of a red and gold jumpsuit with a 3 dimensional foam shoulder armor, detachable wings, and a detailed mask. There will be no doubt that your child will be a fearsome dragon during Halloween! This costume will surely be a flaming hit for the children.

Bakugan is still a very popular game and toy merchandise today. There is no doubt that a lot of kids, and some adults with a collecting streak, and are still children in their hearts, are very familiar with the game. And in being familiar with the game, surely they will also be familiar with the Bakugan costumes. And as Halloween is near, there is bound to be some of them eyeing to wear on of the three costumes listed above.