The First Apartment to Feel Like Home

I have lived in some really nice apartments in my lifetime, but none of them can compare with the Shawnee apartments in KS where I now live. I used to travel around the country a lot with my work, so I was never in one spot for more than six or eight months. When I was promoted to the position I have now, I knew that I was finally going to be able to settle down for hopefully the long haul. When I saw where I would be staying, I was actually really excited because I have family that is not that far from here.

The first thing I did was look for an apartment, and that was even before I went there to scope everything out. I am the type of person to take immediate action. I don’t believe in wasting my time or anyone else’s, which is one of the reasons why I am one of the youngest executives in our company. Continue reading →

Freeing Yourself To Receive Abundance Of Money

One of the secrets of manifesting wealth is the acceptance of energy in the form of money for the energy that you put out. If you have resistance towards the idea of having to pay for something or towards others asking for payment, then you are limiting yourself from receiving money for anything that you do, since you think you should be providing it for free. This is a reason why many people remain poor financially when they could gain a lot monetarily for what they have to offer. They’re limiting themselves.

The truth is everything is available for free. No one actually owns anything because it is all part of the universe. Ownership is an idea where people agree what belongs to who and what rights do they have regarding it. Ownership of anything is all based on agreement between consciousness. When there is conflict of consciousness, people fight and take from each other by force against the will. When there is harmony of consciousness, people willingly agree in sharing or exchanging ownership of things.

The purpose of business is in the organization and promotion of things. When we buy a bottle of water, we are not paying for the bottle or the water because nature supplies the water and what the bottle is made up of. We are paying for the work done in obtaining the raw materials, putting them together, marketing it and handling it to us. All these takes work and therefore those that do all the work for us so that we can experience such things without doing any of the work, receive money in exchange.

Money is only an idea to represent how much value you have provided for others. That is why ill gotten gains does not last because the universe is always reflecting what you do. When you take money without providing real value, money will be taken from you without giving you real value. When you provide lots of value for others, you are meant to receive lots of money so that you can use it to receive value from others that is yours to rightfully experience. Then you are better able to provide even more value.

People who have resistance towards giving money in exchange for the value that others provide also have resistance towards receiving money from others for the value they provide. That is because they see money as scarce and limited. They want to increase the abundance of others by giving to them, but if they take anything in return, they would cause a decrease. But that very perception is oxymoronic, because they are still seeing lack in the person even when they are trying to express abundance.

All conditions in life are created by consciousness. You manifest exactly what you perceive. If you try to express abundance towards another while seeing lack in them, you will perpetuate conditions of lack in your experience with them. In order to experience abundance, you have to perceive abundance. If your world really was abundant, then you’d expect that others have more than enough to give to you for what you give to them, and you’d receive joyfully knowing that they’ll keep having more themselves.

That is why people who have wealth consciousness keep getting wealthier compared to the rest of the world. They have the freedom to charge for whatever they do according to the amount they believe it is worth, even when it is to people who try to tell them they are charging too much, or should not be charging at all. It is because wealth conscious people perceive their reality as abundant and do not allow themselves to be affected be the perceptions of those that come from a limited consciousness.

If everyone in this world was wealth conscious and freely gave money to others and freely received it when it is appropriate, then everyone would be as wealthy as they could be. This is because energy would flow freely and hence everyone would be able to experience what they desire without holding back from paying for it, and others would not hold back from paying them for what they contribute. The economy would be much smoother and the progress of the entire world would advance extremely fast.

The state of the health of a body depends on the circulation of blood. The blood transports nutrients to the cells and transports waste away from them. The better the circulation the better the health will be. The state of the wealth of a nation depends on the flow of the economy. Money helps to move the things that we want to us, and helps to move what we have to offer to others. Both health and wealth are really different forms of the same thing called well being, which depends on free flowing of energy.

Stop holding back paying for something you know will contribute to your progress. The more unlimited you become, the faster you will achieve everything you desire in life. Stop holding back offering your value for payment because when you make others pay for what you offer, you are allowing them to express abundance as well. You are perceiving them as having the money to pay and also the willingness to give it to you. You are saying that you are worth giving money to and others have money to give.

Since the flow of money is the flow of value, you should facilitate as much flow as possible in order to facilitate as much flow of value. Be flexible in your pricing of things in both directions. Set your price at a level where it is able to make the best amount of sales for the best amount of profits so that you and others would gain the best. If you under price or overprice, you are undervaluing yourself and others. Because you are saying that you are not worth it or others are not good enough for what you are offering.

Have a wealth consciousness by believing there is plenty of money to go around, because there really is. The world is awash in money. It is like Niagara falls. It is flowing for everyone but most of you are showing up with teaspoons. If you saw the world from a perspective of abundance, you would see that others have abundance of money to give to you and never have lesser for themselves. You would be willing to take as much as you desire freely and by doing so, you free others to take more for themselves.

Taking Action Is Part Of Manifestation Process

One of the fallacies that people make when it comes to utilizing the law of attraction is that they think all they need for manifestation is simply their intention. That is the reason why many people fail to manifest their intention. They are not taking one of the crucial steps in the process of manifestation. Taking action is not for the purpose of creating something we don’t yet have. Everything we intend is already created, action is a means by which we receive it into physical reality. Action is the act of receiving.

In order to experience the complete manifestation of our intention, we need to be in complete vibrational harmony with it. That includes our actions as well. We must act as if our desires have manifested and in the process of manifesting. If you intend wealth, you must act like you’re a wealthy person and take actions to receive it. Wealthy people don’t complain about lack but they use money when it is appropriate and feel abundant about it. Wealthy people set up businesses and systems to receive money.

Action is the means by which we experience the manifestation of our desires. We are the channels by which the process of manifestation occur through because the universe creates through us. It is a joy to be part of the manifestation process physically and seeing things happening through us as we watch ourselves create them. Taking physical action allows us to feel the joy of being a creator of reality as the work happens through our hands. That is why we are meant to enjoy the work of creating.

When you know the reason that manifestation in the physical universe happens through physical action is so that you can enjoy the experience of being physically part of the creation process, you will feel good about it and enthusiastically act out your dreams. Why would you want to avoid doing the work necessary for creating what you desire? You would love doing it because you want to be part of the process of manifestation. You want to be involved and immersed in the experience of creating reality.

Passion is the energy of physical action for manifesting our desires. The more passionate you are in what you do, the more energy you are channeling for the manifestation of your dreams. All our work of creation should come from the love that we have in our hearts. When we love what we do and what we are creating, the manifestation of our efforts will be filled with the energy of that love. The love that we put into our work will touch the hearts of those that experience it and be blessed by it.

Action is the expression of spirit. Action is the means by which the inner world gets translated into the outer world. Through action you physically become part of your creation. You are not just creating the thing or situation you desire, but you are also creating yourself in the process. Through action, you get to experience and develop yourself in a physical way. You sharpen the connection between your mental and physical capabilities and you hone your physical skills and body to much greater levels.

With the energy of passion, work is no longer work but it is the giving of yourself through your actions. You give yourself over to the process of manifestation as you allow the work of creation to happen through you in a physical way. You become the tool by which the universe uses along with every other tool involved as well. You are in harmony with the flow of creation as you physically co-create with the universe by doing your part in it. It is through the giving of yourself by which you receive your desire.

Intention alone does causes things to happen. It is not true that nothing happens when we do not put in any physical action. Intention rearranges the flow of events so that situations can show up as opportunities for us to physically act in it. These opportune situations seem like coincidences because they are incidences that are co-created and coordinated by our intentions. These synchronicities are only part of the process. Taking action is the other part. The door may appear but you have to walk through it.

We can cause certain things to happen by thought, and we can cause certain things to happen by action. Both are needed for things to happen completely. Thought without action is halfway manifestation. Action without thought is inaccurate manifestation. Thought is always the beginning of the manifestation process. Action is the finishing of the manifestation process. When you have your thoughts and actions fully aligned, you will have complete manifestation of your desire without any part lacking.

There are times when the manifestation of our intention can be purely mental without any physical action involved. That is possible when the universe intends it to be so, and we are intending in harmony with it. The rest of the time, the manifestation of our intention requires us to be physically involved in the process with our actions. It is a gift for us to experience the work of creation happening through our physical being and we should fully embrace it in every way possible. Enjoy doing the work of creating.

Cool Bakugan Costumes To Wear This Halloween

Halloween has become one of the most exciting events every year for the children because of the fun, scary, and animating costumes they get to wear. Among the costume choices they have are the Bakugan costumes, which they can don and wear and act like a brawler during the occasion. Bakugan is a popular toy merchandise, with an animated TV series that is just as entertaining as the game is. Now, aside from collecting Bakugan balls and cards and watching the recent season of the anime series, kids can also enjoy imitating their heroes as they wear the characters’ outfits during Halloween!

There are three Bakugan costumes out so far. The most popular one, and the first to be out on sale, is Dan’s outfit in season 1 of the animated series. Dan is one of the main characters of the series, and is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. His outfit consists of a red, yellow, and blue jumpsuit with a red jacket and blue fingerless gloves. It is a unique costume, and will surely make your child recognizable as the heroic brawler on TV. The Bakugan Dan costume is available in small, medium, and large sizes for children.

Another of the main characters in the animated series was also an inspiration for another costume. Shun is also a hotshot hero in the series and is popular among the kids. He is a great brawler and battles in the way of the ninja, which is also another interesting fact for the children. His outfit consists of a brown and gray jumpsuit, with a purple jacket, black fingerless gloves with a wrist band, and a fabric watch. This costume is also unique, even among the characters on TV, so your child will really stand out when he wears this.

The third Bakugan costume available is not that of a human character on TV, but of a Bakugan, one of the humongous monsters in the series. Dragonoid is the most powerful Bakugan, and the leader among them. He fights for peace and freedom with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, with Dan as his human partner. As the lead Bakugan character in the series, he is popular with Bakugan fans and is therefore a great catch as a costume. The costume consists of a red and gold jumpsuit with a 3 dimensional foam shoulder armor, detachable wings, and a detailed mask. There will be no doubt that your child will be a fearsome dragon during Halloween! This costume will surely be a flaming hit for the children.

Bakugan is still a very popular game and toy merchandise today. There is no doubt that a lot of kids, and some adults with a collecting streak, and are still children in their hearts, are very familiar with the game. And in being familiar with the game, surely they will also be familiar with the Bakugan costumes. And as Halloween is near, there is bound to be some of them eyeing to wear on of the three costumes listed above.

Achieve a Freedom Lifestyle – Live Your Dream

Does you lifestyle and work life offer you the freedom you crave? Do you wish weekends would go on forever? With the new retirement laws how long will you have to work? Do you love your current job and line of work, is it a joy you return to refreshed after you weekend break? It would be good if we all had work that fulfilled all our needs, fired our passions and stress was a thing of the past.

We are at our caravan and every window I look out of I see trees fluttering in the breeze. As it is school holiday time many families are still here, whilst with a sad farewell wave others returned on Sunday nights for another work week.

I have found what is perfect for me – I work at home. My home can be anywhere, in fact we winter in the sun. I work on my laptop and with an internet connection I have time and location freedom. There are many online businesses you could choose to set up according to your skills and preferences. For me it is affiliate marketing, as I like sharing knowledge and great products with others.

As I am a bit of a self-taught technophobe I didn’t want anything difficult to master, I do love learning techniques to grow my business but I wanted it to be as simple as possible. I relish the peace of shutting my office door and working at home, no more office rules and constraints, yes you may miss the office chit chat, but we were too busy for much of that!

It is important to put in sufficient hours as it is easy to become side-tracked and enjoy your freedom too much, work to a plan and persist in your efforts. If you choose an area or niche you are passionate about this will fire your enthusiasm and keep you on-track.

I found the simplest way to begin online is working with a mentor, it is easy to flounder when attempting to work alone. You can get swamped with information overload and not know where to turn, who to ask, or what to learn next.

Affiliate marketing with a good mentor, one whose teaching style suits you and your experience. Someone who provides excellent products in a great range to keep you customers inspired and growing in their chosen interest. (Most niches offer good affiliate programs, make a Google search) However if you find a mentor you like, at the beginning working with the niche supplied can be easier, and branch out later when you know what you are doing.

With a mentor you will receive good training which enables you to start earning commissions whilst you are learning the necessary techniques. You can also enjoy the comradeship and help of others learning at the same time. You will feel part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You will also work to a tried and tested formula that others have proven to work which boosts you confidence and helps you multiply your efforts.

Later when you are confident and able, you will be able to branch out into many areas of internet marketing according to your preferences. There are many millionaires in the industry and many part-time mum’s the choice is yours. I find working at home satisfying, peaceful and love the freedom, would it suit you? No more commuting, enjoy flexi-time with the family, and an interest to continue into retirement.

Now all this doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t sack the boss yet. begin in your spare-time, give up some TV! (Quote from “How to Boost Your Brain Power – conventional TV is believed to offer little stimulation for the mind.”)

Make a plan of how and when you can achieve your dream of time and location freedom. Watch some YouTube video’s for ideas, look at magazine racks for niches that interest you, and you are passionate about. Make some Google searches and you will be amazed at the numbers searching for ways to “work at home”. So whilst you have paid work to support you, make a decision to improve your future and live your dream.

It is a good idea to read some of the good motivational books available:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Do It – A Guide to Living your Dreams” by J Rodgers and P Williams

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I’m the Decider – Uniter not Divider – They Hate Our Freedoms – Watch This Drive

I’m a uniter, not a divider.

Dictator works, ’cause I’m the decider.

Our children is learnin, and Bagdad’s a burnin.

Brownee you won’t go much higher.

I’ll put food on your family, three jobs come in handy.

That’s American now, and ain’t it just dandy.

While misunderestimated, and fooled once or twice,

them internets rumours of draft just aint nice.

While Obee’s can practice their love for all women,

animal human hybrids set my brain just a swimmin’.

And humans with fish can quite nicely dwell.

Me and Islam aren’t doing as well.

Our foes are quite smart, but then so are we.

And I’m the decider, it’s all about me.

Resourceful and cunning, to hurt us with glee.

They want to destroy us, and so do we.

In Texas they say, or mab’ Tennessee,

Fool me…fool me, oh what can it be?

Shame on you or shame on me.

I forget, well you know what I meant it to be.

That poster in Texas says dead or alive.

So Osama is toast, Texas style, won’t survive.

Well really I don’t think of him much anymore.

Don’t know where he is, don’t care, who locked this door?

Now it’s a hard thing Iraq to connect,

to September 11, but oh what the heck.

These people to me are all quite the same.

Damn, I can’t even pronounce half their names.

These weapons are here, or there, let me look.

Under my desk or between that one book.

And my chain saw I use to mow down the brush.

I love to mow down. Man what a rush!

We shouldn’t fear a world interacted,

as I said once, my words quite contracted.

I sometimes get twangled in stuff that I say.

But you know what I mean or you should anyway.

My best moment in office… Let me think, I’ll not fake.

Twas the time that a bass lurking deep in my lake,

did bite on my line and I yanked quick away.

God I love my job, and have BIG plans to stay.

Now even though we all know I’m the Decider,

we must make mention of those suiciders.

On occasion were good at stopping these snooks,

from using the bombs we provided, and they took.

But mostly we fail, these people don’t like us.

They don’t like me like I don’t like FISA’s.

So I understand when we don’t get our way.

We have this great urge to blow others away.

You won’t know real history til after I”m gone.

So don’t try predict it, cause I’m never wrong.

Sayin I’m sorry, is not what I do.

Nor Rummy, nor Condi, nor Karl, woo hoo.

Now New Orleans is a heck of place.

Take your family, your momma, to see this disgrace.

Now yes, I do know there is no money there,

But those people are used to living on air.

So it’s all good and I have learned to ignore,

that heck of a job not done for the poor.

New Orleans, my symbol of all we can be,

stripped bare, like this country by leaders like me.

Since I’m a Uniter and also Decider.

We need to chat about suiciders.

Our freedom they hate, it’s plain to see.

This is their way to say “I hate free.”

But you will be free as defined by me,

and we leave when I’m good and ready.

Which may be never, cause I’m being clever.

Did I tell ya, got scratch by a tree?

I don’t do funerals but will come to see,

those who lost legs below their knees.

But did I tell you, I got scratched by a tree?

So see, I’m like you, and you are like me.

I know that to most I do seem to enjoy,

war, death and killing, almost like toys.

I did kill the most ever, well Alberto and I,

of folks in ‘ol Texas, and I do not lie.

When Carla asked me her dumb life to save,

I mocked her, I did, and she went to her grave.

“Oh please don’t kill me,” I did hear her say.

But what the heck, you die anyway.

See Brokeback you ask? Sure when there’s a chance.

Umm, errr I mean, you should see my ranch.

It’s my ranch that I mean to see and be plannin.

Next question please, yes sir, Mr. Gannon.

Well I gotta go, there’s laws to be signin’,

wars to be started and gold to be minin’.

My friends on the right also love when I say,

I had long talk with God. why just today.

And low and behold, they love even more,

when God tells me where and when to go war.

So Jesus can come, well that’s what they say.

And I’ll be the Prez they remember that way.

God told me to strike at that bastard Sadaam,

and the turrorests to put on the run.

OK so I lied, and thousands have died,

but he threatened my dad, I’m his son.

So I’m the Decider, Uniter not Divider.

I’m King, I’ll keep you alive.

Vote all you want, you won’t win, you can not,

Hate our freedoms, they do…watch this drive.

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Ivory Coast journalists charged following corruption story

Ivory Coast’s public prosecutor said on Thursday (15 July 2010) that three local journalists have been arrested and will be formally charged for allegedly stealing secret documents that were used in an article about corruption in the cocoa sector.
Public prosecutor Raymond Tchimou told news agency Reuters that the editor, managing editor and director of publications at Le Nouveau Courier were arrested on Tuesday. Tchimou said they can only be legally held for questioning for up to 48 hours but were expected to be charged without delay on Friday.

Le Nouveau Courier published the findings of a report into graft allegations against former officials from the Coffee and Cocoa Bourse. The journalists were arrested after refusing to reveal the source of the leaked document. Press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders condemned the arrests.

Somalia: Journalist killed in Mogadishu

A man in Somali military uniform shot dead a local TV journalist in the streets of the capital Mogadishu Sunday [18 December 2011], a security official said, adding that they were investigating the killing.
The attacker shot Abdisalan Sheikh Hassan, who worked for local station Horn Cable TV, several times in the shoulder and stomach in the city’s southern Hamar-Jajab district, according to witnesses.

“The initial reports we have received so far indicate that the journalist was shot dead by a man armed with an AK47. We understand that the man was in Somali military uniform but we are still investigating,” security official Mohamed Bakar told AFP.

“We are not sure about the identity of the assailant,” Bakar added.

Witness, Abdikarin Osman said the armed man ordered Hassan to stop and then shot him repeatedly.

“I saw a man in military uniform stop the journalist in front of a shop and he opened fire on him, leaving him seriously injured, he was rushed to the hospital,” Osman said.

War-torn Somalia is one of the world’s most dangerous countries, and the deadliest in Africa for journalists.

According to Paris-based press freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, Abdisalan Sheikh Hassan’s death brings to at least 24 the number of media personnel who have been killed in Somalia since 2007.

MISA-Malawi wants repeal of media laws

The Malawi chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Malawi) has asked government to consider repealing all laws that are inconsistent with the constitution and those considered as an insult to the media fraternity in Malawi.
Anthony Kasunda, MISA-Malawi chairperson
Anthony Kasunda, MISA-Malawi chairperson
Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

This is part of the chapter appeals in the World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) commemoration statement issued on May 3, 2012 by MISA-Malawi chairperson Anthony Kasunda.

“As we celebrate World Press Freedom Day, MISA-Malawi is appealing to the current administration led by Her Excellency Mrs. Joyce Banda to consider making the environment freer to journalists, media workers as well as advocates of media freedom and freedom of expression…” said Kasunda.

The statement dwelt on the positive and negative developments which the media has experienced between WPFD last year to now and suggested solutions to some.

Kasunda said as nations the world over are commemorating the day, MISA-Malawi wanted like to highlight some developments that have occurred over the past year, as they had impacted either positively or negatively on the media industry especially on its freedom and freedom of expression.

Media versus the government

The MISA-Malawi chair went straight to a issues between government and the media since 2011.

He says MISA Malawi has been raising concern on the amendment of Section 46 of the Penal Code which empowers a minister to ban publications deemed ‘not in the public interest.’

He said although government argues that the amended clause is in line with Malawi’s democratic values, the stand of MISA-Malawi as a media freedom watchdog has always been that the section negates on media freedom as stipulated in or constitutional.

Kasunda first quotes the old section which reads:

“If the Minister is of the opinion that the importation of (a) any publication (b) all publications published by any person would be contrary to the public interest, he may in his absolute discretion, by order, prohibit the importation of such publication or publications and in the case of a periodical publication may by the same or subsequent order prohibit the importation of any past or future issues thereof.”

He then compares it with the amended section which states:

“If the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that the publication or importation of any publication would be contrary to the public interest, he may, by order published in the gazette prohibit the publication or importation of such publications”.

“The operative word in the old section was importation. The amended version may have removed the minister’s ‘absolute discretion’ and replaced it with ‘reasonable grounds’ but in essence the amendment expanded the minister’s powers to ban not just importation of certain materials but local publications as well,” argues Kasunga.

He argues further, that the minister remains with power to ban publications without any guiding framework.

A threat to the media?

He said this amendment is of great concern to advocates of media freedom and freedom of expression because the minister can decide to ban any publication critical of the state on the pretext of safeguarding public interest.

Kasunda argues further that this is a serious threat to media freedom and fails to satisfy the test on limitations on rights as provided for under Section 44 (2) of the Malawi Constitution which requires that any law that seeks to limit the exercise of human rights should be “reasonable”, “recognised by international human rights standards” and “necessary in an open and democratic society.”

“Section 46 of the Penal Code, as amended, clearly fails this test,” he concludes.

Working in the media environment

Turning to the working environment for a journalist in Malawi, Kasunda says it has also been hostile for journalists and media workers who have often times been accused of unprofessionalism.

“Both members of the public and some overzealous politicians have accused sections of the media of bias towards one camp or another,” bemoans Kasunda.

But he says MISA-Malawi would also like to use the WPFD celebrations to remind government of the body’s concern in the way presidential press conferences were being held whenever the late president Bingu Wa Mutharika would be returning from abroad.

“Presidential press conferences were being conducted in open and hostile environment risky and dangerous for the media practitioners,” said Kasunda. “We believe that presidential press conferences should be held in secluded places such as the VVIP lounge at the airport as has been the case in the past or at state residences where journalists would feel secure and safe from party zealots.”

Such press conferences he said should also be restricted to the media.

“We believe such an arrangement would protect journalists from some overzealous political party members renowned for intimidating and threatening the media during such conferences,” he said.

The 20 July 2011 demonstrations

The other negative point of highlight in the period under review is what happened on 20 July 2011 during anti-government demonstrations.

He said the media experience on the day was also a nightmare and a reminder of the repressive environment the media were operating under.

“Journalists and members of the general public were subjected to unnecessary mental and physical harm which should not have been the case in a democratic state worth the name,” he recalls.

He says the citizens, as well as the media, were merely exercising their constitutional right over the worsening economic and governance situation in the country.

“The constitutional violation by government was of great concern to MISA Malawi and all media freedom and freedom of expression advocates across the region and indeed the entire world,” says Kasunda.

He discloses in the WPFD statement that the chapter submitted a list of up to 23 victimized journalists assaulted during the 20-21 July demonstrations to a commission of inquiry which is handling the matter.

“We hope that the commission will not turn into a white elephant and that it will execute its duties with professionalism,” he says.

Journalists denied access to information

The area which Kasunda says disturbed the chapter is on experiences where journalists were being denied access to cover government as well as civil society functions.

As MISA-Malawi, he says they would like to call upon all stakeholders including civil society organisations to adopt constructive strategies in advocating for change rather than being at the fore in infringing on constitutional provisions, which clearly provides for journalists’ right to access information.

“Barring reporters from covering a news briefing is retrogressive and unwarranted in any democracy worth the name,” he says “Barring some sections of the media from covering functions would also easily be construed as lack of tolerance and deliberate and strategic to deny Malawians access to opposing and critical information on our actions and plans.”

He says such actions could further mean that some organisations only want to deal with media outlets that promote their cause, which is unhealthy and regrettable in a democracy. Kasunda then says Malawians need all sides to an issue to make informed decisions and true democracy depends on the extent to which leaders tolerate opposing views.

Government urged address the challenges

“As we celebrate WPFD 2012, we would therefore like to appeal to the current administration led by Her Excellency Mrs. Joyce Banda to address the challenges the media in the country have been experiencing in the past two years,” says Kasunda.

He said MISA-Malawi is appealing to government and specifically the President to ensure that all repressive pieces of legislation are repealed in defense of media freedom and freedom of expression.

“In the same vein, we would like to state that MISA Malawi does not condone biased reporting and neither does it encourage irresponsible journalism,” he says.

MISA-Malawi has also chided government for failure to take care of its department of information as well as mismanaging the state broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

He however says the chapter will continue to engage government to promote the country’s state broadcaster into a public broadcaster and address other concerns on unprofessional conduct of reporters.

“The chapter is very optimistic that MBC will strive to be very professional in its reporting, now that the broadcaster is under new management,” says Kasunda.

MISA-Malawi says journalists both from public and private media need to remain professional and avoid serving the interests of one section of society.

“Our appeal also goes to government to consider allocating adequate resources to the Ministry of Information which is very crucial in information dissemination,” he says.

Kasunda says as a line ministry, journalists and media workers look up to the Ministry of Information for guidance and policy direction but of late, the ministry has been failing to fulfill some critical assignments due to lack of financial, material and technical support.

The emergence of new media

Turning to positive developments the media fraternity has experienced under the period in review Kasunda says MISA-Malawi has noted the emergence of new media such as online publications which have and continue to offer Malawians and other information seekers an opportunity to have a wider choice of news and information sources.

Kasunda says MISA-Malawi also acknowledges the freedom of information dissemination through blogging, Facebook and Twitter, among other new media.

“This is the reason why the chapter, with financial support from the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy, has introduced new categories of media awards to recognise excellence that has come with the emergence of new media,” he says.

The issue of broadcasting agencies

Then he observes in the statement that following public outcries for the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to advertise more frequencies, the communications regulatory body did so in November 2011.

“MACRA awarded new broadcasting licenses, for both radio and television to applicants two years after the regulatory body advertised for new applications for radio and television licenses,” he says.

He however added that what was disheartening was that out 30 applicants for television and radio licenses, only 8 were successful following an evaluation process which the regulatory body said was still going on.

He also named new television stations that have been awarded licenses that included: Galaxy TV, African Bible College (ABC) TV, Channel for All Nations (CAN) TV and Gateway TV.

“It was not clear as to who owns Gateway TV or Galaxy TV. There was widespread speculation; however, that Galaxy belongs to the late president Mutharika’s family,” observed Kasunda.

And said much as MISA-Malawi appreciates the granting of licenses to these new applicants, it has noted with great concern that some notable institutions who applied for broadcasting licenses were left out.

Those that were glossed over include MISA-Malawi which applied for a community radio station on behalf of the community in Mulanje, privately owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), Blantyre Printing and Publishing Company; Joy Radio owned by former president Bakili Muluzi, were among applicants.

“We are, therefore, appealing to MACRA to consider exercising transparency when scrutinizing applications. MACRA should also consider expediting the process of scrutinizing applications for broadcasting licenses to enable more players in the broadcasting sector,” he said.

He pointed out that in the view of MISA-Malawi, the country continues to experience incidences of pirate broadcasting due to delays in granting frequencies in areas where signals for some mainstream broadcasters are not available.

The Access to Information Bill

Turning to the campaign for the enactment of Access to Information (ATI) Bill, Kasunda says MISA-Malawi applauds government, specifically the Ministry of Information for spearheading the process of drafting a policy on ATI.

“We strongly believe that once the policy has been fine tuned, the bill will be taken to cabinet and finally to parliament for debate,” he said, adding that the chapter has now the full support of civil society organisations campaigning for the ATI bill from various thematic areas.

“It needs not to be overemphasized that the ATI Bill is not only for the media, but for members of the public as well,” said Kasunda who also acknowledges the financial, technical and material support we are getting from partners such as the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and UNESCO to sustain the campaign for the enactment of the ATI bill.

He says at this time of WPFD commemoration, MISA-Malawi extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), civil society organisations led by the Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) and the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) among other institutions, for having remained steadfast in their fight for media freedom and freedom of expression in the country.

“The chapter is aware that some human rights defenders and advocates of media freedom and freedom of expression in the country have undergone torture through arrests, intimidation, physical and verbal attacks, including death threats,” he says.

Celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom

MISA-Malawi celebrated WPFD in all the three regions of the country since 2010 in collaboration with various partners to offer an opportunity to both the media and members of the public to grace these activities.

Kasunda observes that the United Nations set aside 3 May as WPFD to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom in the world and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives while on duty.

“The day also offers an opportunity to media practitioners and the citizenry to reflect on the role the media plays in social and economic development of their respective countries,” he says.

He points out that freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights. It underpins every other freedom and provides a foundation for human dignity.

“Free, pluralistic and independent media is essential for its exercise,” he declares.

Before adding that media freedom entails the freedom to hold opinions and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, as stated in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Watch Tv Online And Have The Freedom Of Choice

The Internet access was very slow during earlier times and it was not very much possible to transmit audio and video data. However, the arrival of DSL, or broadband, has made it possible to watch TV online. Internet TV blends video, data and voice services. The data is transmitted through the broadband connection to the PC.

Streaming is a word that we come across frequently nowadays. It means being able to watch live content or videos on-demand without downloading a copy onto your computer. If it is a live content then you cannot pause, back-up or skip through parts of the program that do not interest you. Most of the major TV networks play live, streaming feeds of the programming on the official web sites. When you watch TV on computer, then there is a freedom of choice and location.

The major advantage watching TV online, or free Internet TV is that you have access to a wide variety of channels and programs. They include specialty programs that major TV networks consider too specialized to be aired.

The variety of programs and channels is not the only benefit of free TV online. It also gives way to watch TV online whenever you want, from wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. This includes watching TV on the move, as it is possible to watch TV online via a mobile device such as an iPhone or a notebook.

We are still looking towards the future, for more technological progress. As the whole experience of watching TV online will become more interactive with it. So as in present times people are interacting more with radio programs by sending in texts and emails, then the real time interaction with the television will also be possible by means of live TV online.

If you are trying to cut short your cost of living like others then the live TV online is the ideal means to watch TV online for you. Recession is constantly on the go and people are losing their jobs left and right. So, it is a great means for the society to give up one of our forms of entertainment in order to save money. If you have cut back on the cable bill just to save some money then you better listen to me. You can now watch 3,000 channels of free online television for absolutely nothing per month.

The process is easy for everyone irrespective of the fact that you have computer experience or not. One can easily and safely download the software and once it is downloaded onto your computer; you can sit back and watch free online TV shows at ease.

In brief it can be said that watching TV online means you can watch what you want, when you want, from wherever you want. So give yourself the freedom of choice and watch TV online.